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"I have been in private practice for approximately 10 years. I had an in-house person doing the billing, who was not following through on unpaid sessions. I then found another person who did even worse. I was honestly exasperated and had contacted a few billers. Only one responded and, because they were unable to take on new clients, she referred me to TRU Medical Billing. From the beginning, Deb has been so attentive. She has made it so that I am paid promptly and have not had a single bill unpaid. Deb has actually been able to increase my payments with insurance providers as well as billing evaluations (something I was never able to do with previous billers). As most of us know, that is no simple feat! She is quick to provide me with coverage information when I have a new client. My monthly revenue has increased and my pay is reliable. She takes care of every aspect of billing AND is always seeking ways to improve reimbursements. Deb is quick in replying to my emails, calls the insurance companies when necessary, and, overall, has taken so much stress off my shoulders. I am so grateful for her dedicated service."

Dr. V. Samantha Lindmeier, Psy.D., Licensed Forensic Psychologist                                                                                                                                                                                                        Leesburg, Florida

I was referred to Deb by a colleague who provided a glowing review of her work after working with her for over 5 years.  I now have the good fortune of paying it forward!  I’m new to private practice and insurance billing.  Working with Deb has given me a sense of security as she has provided me with support in understanding the industry.  She is reliable and prompt in submitting bills and walking me through any hiccups.   She indulges my naive questions.  While we work remotely, her pleasant, professional disposition shines through! Prior to meeting Deb , I was toiling away on weekends and in between appointments with billing.  It’s been a worthwhile investment to be able to know I can focus on life and my work because I can trust Deb to handle the rest. 

Dr Simone Andrews Psy.D                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Manhattan, NY

I can't say enough about Deb Tru. Instead of spending time (which equals money) on trying to capture payment from insurance companies, I can trust TRU Medical Billing completely to keep track of what's happening & stay on top of it all ... medical billing companies, medical billing services, medical billing specialist

Dr Jessica C Psy.D 
Bellingham, WA


It is with great delight that I write this recommendation for Debra Tru and Tru Medical Billing.  I have used their services for close to two years and couldn’t be more pleased with the service I have received.  Initially there was a tremendous amount of clean-up to do to get all of the payments on automatic deposit and to get me listed with insurance providers.  My previous billing company had not been at all up to date with current technology. As a result there was a lot of work to do with the data and, in addition, yours truly had no clue what he was doing either.  I cannot tell you the number of times I called Deb to ask some of the most fundamental questions and she would patiently walk me through the steps needed to straighten me out.  The reports I receive are thorough, easy to read and available on the first of every month like clockwork.

If you are considering working with Deb look no further, you will not be disappointed.

Kenneth H. Kasner, Ph.D.
Consulting Psychologist


I found Deb Tru online when I had already had four billers whom did not follow through with any of the promises to be an efficient and professional biller. I contacted Deb and she immediately called back, answering all of my questions and reassuring me that she will get the job done. I felt comfortable immediately with her and she transformed my practice. Her attention to details and timeliness with completing my billing was what I had been looking for. SHE IS SUPPORTIVE, ENCOURAGING, AND HAS MANY IDEAS ON HOW TO INCREASE REVENUE FOR MY PRACTICE. She is persistent with insurance companies to release payments and will always figure out what the issues are when claims are denied. She returns emails and calls immediately and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a biller. I live and practice in Illinois and she quickly learned the Illinois Medicaid system so payments would be received in a timely manner. She is absolutely great and a very kind person to do business with.

Dr Gayle Mann Psy.D 
Chicago, IL


Little did I know how TRU Billing could make our practice that much easier to manage—gone are the endless hours, headaches, and confusion of billing. TRU Billing stands out from the crowd of other billers we looked at: highly personalized services, response to questions or any issues is timely and accurate, extremely reliable work, turn around time is fast, response to customer questions is professional and courteous. TRU Billing even helped us in setting up our internal billing system so that hours and services were easy to track and understand. TRU Billing's mission seems simple enough- to collect the maximum revenue for our practice in the quickest time possible while also significantly lessening the costs and hassle of conducting business. THERE'S NOTHING MORE WE COULD ASK FROM A BILLING SERVICE.

David O. Saenz, PhD, EdM, LLC (Clinical & Consulting Psychologist)
Claire J. Saenz, Esq. 
Wexford, PA


I have been in private practice for over 10 years and have always done my own billing. Big Mistake. There are no words to describe how many hours, and dollars I had lost doing it myself---Not to mention the headaches, confusion, and frustration in trying to deal with the insurance companies. I finally realized that I could not work 60 hours a week and do my own billing. Enter Deb Tru, the best professional decision I ever made! She is reliable, fast, always available, and can decipher any maze or roadblocks that the insurance companies put up. She is always responsive and can manage any questions I, or my patients, may have. MY INCOME HAS INCREASED MULTI-FOLD, and she is absolutely and completely worth every penny. Because of Deb, I have finally seen the benefits of my hours of hard work each week. I would, and always do, recommend her very highly for any professional looking for a medical biller.

Dr Phyllis Brown, Psy.D. 
Clinical/Child Psychologist 
Staten Island, NY


I could not be more pleased with a billing service than with TRU Medical Billing.  Deb Tru is responsive, cooperative, conscientious and adaptive -- all of the factors which compose a reliable and effective professional service.  I would not hesitate to recommend Tru Medical Billing.

Jeff Henderson, Ph.D. , Licensed Psychologist
Prescott, AZ


TRU Medical Billing provides superior customer service with attention to detail at every level. Deb is easy to communicate with and I have total trust in her work. I know that every week payments flow in on schedule.  The money stream is constant and steady, thanks to Deb and TRU Medical Billing.

Father Benedict Mwangi ED.D LPC 
Pittsburgh, PA


I have used TRU Medical Billing for the last few years. Deb has worked very hard to increase the turn-around time for payments from the various insurance companies that I am a provider for. SHE IS EXTREMELY CONSISTENT AND QUICK IN GETTING BILLS OUT TO PATIENTS AND INSURANCE COMPANIES. She has given suggestions and will go out of her way to find ways to increase my income or patient load. She is always available to answer any and all questions that my patients or I may have. I would and have highly recommended TRU Medical Billing to many friends and colleagues.

Kelli Schidler MS LPC 
Scottsdale, AZ


I have been using Tru Billing for the last several months. since that time I have seen excellent turn around for receivables and retrieval of past billing accounts. Deb is very competent in dealing with insurance companies by utilizing a professional, ethical and diverse knowledge base so payments are prompt. In addition, Deb is WILLING TO GO THE EXTRA MILE and provide reports and documents for my information that is critical to running the financial aspects of my practice. I have a demanding and busy practice so I depend on professionals who are knowledgeable, ethical, and helpful

Dr Julia Summers PhD LPC
Prescott, AZ


Deb Tru of TRU Medical Billing is great. She is as creative as any insurance company and knows how to maneuver thru any maze they put up. She has helped me greatly with collections when I was ready to dismiss insurance all together. SHE KEPT ME AND MY OFFICE IN THE GAME. She is instructive and clear and creative. She knows her stuff and the insurance companies’ tricks. I highly recommend Deb and TRU Medical Billing.

Dr D Snook DC 
Wilcox, AZ


Ms Deb Tru does what she says she is going to do. She responds to my patients' questions in a professional, courteous and timely manner. STATE OF THE ART SOFTWARE give her the capability to manage patient information and to provide reports on all of my practice activities. As a bonus, she is humorous and fun to work with. Deb is a real gem!

Pam Wesala, PMHNP 
Scottsdale, AZ


I thought I could do it all myself! It turned out that I didn't have the time (or the knowledge) to obtain and track all payments that were due to me from insurance companies.  Tru Medical Billing has increased and evened out my revenue stream.  Deb is savvy and persistent in her work and is a pleasure to work with. I wish I had contacted her sooner.

Amra Stafford Psy.D.
Clinical Psychologist, Phoenix, AZ


We have been using TRU Medical Billing as our billing company since 2008. Deb Tru, owner, has always been UPFRONT AND TRUTHFUL on what we can and cannot do when it comes to dealing with insurance companies. Even though the last couple years have been difficult with the ever changing guidelines and regulations, Deb has always kept us abreast and updated on these issues. It has made things a lot easier for our busy practice. The reports she sends on a regular basis are easy to read and let you keep track of your account activities. We have dealt with other billing companies in the past and TRU Medical Billing feels like part of OUR team. Deb Tru can go the distance with you.

Dr Jean-Charles Richer DC 
Scottsdale, AZ


I have used TRU Medical Billing since opening my practice in 2008. She helped me in so many ways that I cannot even list them. From Credentialing to appeals to fee schedules, Tru Medical Billing does it all! My practice is very busy and I do not have time to chase down money from insurance companies. I trust TRU Medical Billing explicitly to keep track of all claims and payments. TMB is a valuable member of our Team!

Dr Tap Duong DC 
Sierra Vista, AZ

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